Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Settler Colonialism and the Elimination of the Native


Journal of Genocide Research (2006), 8(4), December, 387–409

"The question of genocide is never far from discussions of settler colonialism. Land is life – or, at least, land is necessary for life. Thus contests for land can be – indeed, often are – contests for life." Page 387

If in the previous post we asked where the bottom started, this author makes very clear where it ends. Or where it keeps ending, or systematically disintegrated. In other words, this article explains the how, and why the denial of Human Security to a specific people is being reproduced.

"On the one hand, settler society required the practical elimination of the natives in order to establish itself on their territory. On the symbolic level, however, settler society subsequently sought to recuperate indigeneity in order to express its difference—and, accordingly, its independence—from the mother country." Page 389

"When invasion is recognized as a structure rather than an event, its history does not stop—or, more to the point, become relatively trivial—when it moves on from the era of frontier homicide." Page 402

The author makes a thorough analysis of United States, Australia, Europe and Israel cases in order to understand a subtle "logic of elimination" around the conquest of territories, leading to the "structural genocide" that passes in front of our eyes, mostly unnoticed. In conclusion, a must for Human Security studies.



Blogger masoumeh said...

Dear Oscar
Thanks so much for putting this summary, It seems author pose the quesion well!. However, I think ,it's so clear the history of human from ancient era until now is full of these kinds of elimination of native by settler tribes or groups, but what make it different in now a day from past; need more discussing about. For exampele,elimination of American native is justified according to western culture and rights, and they made a very logical system and mechanism to extinct native people. So, what I want to know, is that " what is author's approach or approaches"to make it different due to native and genocide? is it law or politics? Colonial, post-colonial, minority or majority rights?where is mentioning and disscussing about Power behaind Genocide? Why can not the native of America complain in International crime curt for their elimination, how can even they make judge about that to the curt, in which, based on western codes and big international organizations like WTO, Wold Bank...

8:19 PM  
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